Personalized O'ahu Pendant


O'ahu is an island that facilitates the process of knowing one's truth, purpose, and how it relates and expresses itself in community. By spending time on the island you'll be guided to intimately know who you are and what to do about it. When you understand, you'll be asked to take what you've leaned out to other places in the world.

This pendant is designed to take the essence of O'ahu captured in our Sunrise Shell only found in the Hawaiian Islands. Our sunrise shells are collected from the ocean and prepared by a local family on the western shores of O'ahu—you can tell by the green hues unique to the northern shores of the island. It is paired with a Herkimer Diamond from New York which maintains a high frequency and amplifies the energies of your Sunrise Shell and the energy emitted via your heart—pu'uwai. They are strung together with an 18" gold fill chain that's finished by hand with a special touch of two mini freshwater pearls or other complementary high quality crystal gems. All accessories are either gold fill or gold vermeil.

Pendants shipped will differ from the photo as each piece is unique and made by hand. The style will remain the same but shell will vary in color and size as well as the pearls used at closure.

Made to Order
Please allow 2-3 weeks to handcraft this product.

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