Care Instructions

In prolonging the life of your zafus, zabutons and other TWE products we've created some care guidelines and recommendations. Many of our products are designed with a removable cover so they can be cleaned. We have a variety of fabrics and materials. Please see below for specific care instructions. If you need a replacement cover, liner, or additional fill material, contact us to place an order.


Sustainable Silk

We recommend taking your silk cover to an environmentally friendly dry cleaning service. Be sure to unzip the cover and remove the liner before cleaning. If the silk cover is washed by hand it will require pressing. We do not recommend this method of cleaning. Keep your silk cover out of direct sunlight and away from moisture.


Our hemp/rPET cover is washable. To clean, unzip the cover and remove the liner. Then machine wash cold and tumble dry low.

Liners & Filling:

Organic Buckwheat Hulls Fill

Buckwheat hulls can be added or removed, refreshed in sunlight, and replaced. The hulls should remain dry.

Liner can be washed once the buckwheat hulls are removed. Machine wash warm, hang or tumble dry low.

Natural Wool and/or Organic Cotton Fill

Liner is not washable. Fill should remain dry and sealed in the liner.